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This police pension calculator is for illustration purposes only.

Please do not make any financial decsions until you have an official projection from your own pay department.

If you do find errors in our calculation we would be pleased to hear from you.

Personal Details
Current/Previous force
Previous Occupation
In certain circumsatnces credits from previous occupational pension plans may be carried forward into pensionable police service. If this applies in your case enter the dates of the period to be carried over.

Date of previous occupation start
Date of previous occupation end
OR enter the number days to be carried over from a previous pension plan.

Number of days
Average Pensionable Pay

If retiring under the PPS 1987, an officer's pensionable salary is calculated based on the best year of the last three of their service. There are many factors that may determine which of the last three may be your highest figure. London weighting, extended periods of acting duty or CRTP may affect your annual salary.

If retiring under the NPPS 2006 or PPS 2015 your last year of service should be used.
Gross Annual Income (to the nearest pound)
Service Details
Date of joining
Date of retirement
Date of birth
Full/Part Time Working
Include part time working
Pension Type
Retirement pension type
Police Pension Schemes
Scheme at joining PPS 1987 NPPS 2006 PPS 2015
Scheme at retirement PPS 1987 NPPS 2006 PPS 2015
Commutation required
Injury on duty
Injury on duty

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Disclaimer: This pension calculator is for illustration purposes only. Please contact your pay department in order to obtain an up to date valuation as there are a large number of factors which may affect your pension.

If you do find errors in our calculation we would be pleased to hear from you.
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